Treacherous Conspirators Punished by God

1For the leader. A psalm of David.


2O God, hear my anguished voice;

from a dreadful foe protect my life.

3Hide me from the malicious crowd,

the mob of evildoers.

4They sharpen their tongues like swords,

bend their bows of poison words.a

5They shoot at the innocent from ambush,

they shoot him in a moment and do not fear.

6They resolve on their wicked plan;

they conspire to set snares;

they say: “Who will see us?”

7They devise wicked schemes,

conceal the schemes they devise;

the designs of their hearts are hidden.b


8God shoots an arrow at them;

in a moment they are struck down.c

9They are brought down by their own tongues;

all who see them flee.d

10Every person fears and proclaims God’s actions,

they ponder his deeds.

11The righteous rejoices and takes refuge in the LORD;

all the upright give praise.e

* [Psalm 64] A lament of a person overwhelmed by the malice of the wicked who are depicted in the Psalms as the enemies of the righteous (Ps 64:27). When people see God bringing upon the wicked the evil they intended against others, they will know who is the true ruler of the world (Ps 64:810). The final verse is a vow of praise (Ps 64:11).

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