God Is a Mighty King

1The LORD is king,* robed with majesty;

the LORD is robed, girded with might.a

The world will surely stand in place,

never to be moved.b

2Your throne stands firm from of old;

you are from everlasting.c

3*The flood has raised up, LORD;

the flood has raised up its roar;

the flood has raised its pounding waves.

4More powerful than the roar of many waters,

more powerful than the breakers of the sea,

powerful in the heavens is the LORD.

5Your decrees are firmly established;

holiness befits your house, LORD,

for all the length of days.

* [Psalm 93] A hymn celebrating the kingship of God, who created the world (Ps 93:12) by defeating the sea (Ps 93:34). In the ancient myth that is alluded to here, Sea completely covered the land, making it impossible for the human community to live. Sea, or Flood, roars in anger against God, who is personified in the storm. God’s utterances or decrees are given authority by the victory over Sea (Ps 93:5).

* [93:1] The LORD is king: lit., “the LORD reigns.” This Psalm, and Ps 47; 9699, are sometimes called enthronement Psalms. They may have been used in a special liturgy during which God’s ascent to the throne was ritually reenacted. They have also been interpreted eschatologically, pointing to the coming of God as king at the end-time.

* [93:3] The flood: the primordial sea was tamed by God in the act of creation. It is a figure of chaos and rebellion, cf. Ps 46:4.

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