PSALM 134*

Exhortation to the Night Watch to Bless God

1A song of ascents.

O come, bless the LORD,

all you servants of the LORD*

You who stand in the house of the LORD

throughout the nights.a

2Lift up your hands toward the sanctuary,b

and bless the LORD.

3May the LORD bless you from Zion,

the Maker of heaven and earth.c

* [Psalm 134] A brief liturgy exhorting all those who serve in the Jerusalem Temple during the night (cf. Is 30:29) to praise God with words and gestures. Although he is the Creator of the whole universe, God’s blessings emanate in a unique way from Zion, the city of Jerusalem.

* [134:1] Servants of the LORD: priests and Levites, cf. Dt 10:8; Ps 113:1; 135:1; Dn 3:85.

a. [134:1] Ps 135:12; 1 Chr 9:33.

b. [134:2] Ps 28:2; 141:2.

c. [134:3] Ps 20:3; 128:5; Nm 6:24.

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