PSALM 101*

Norm of Life for Rulers

1A psalm of David.


I sing of mercy and justice;

to you, LORD, I sing praise.

2I study the way of integrity;a

when will you come to me?

I act with integrity of heart

within my household.*b

3I do not allow into my presence anything base.

I hate wrongdoing;

I will have no part of it.c

4May the devious heart keep far from me;

the wicked I will not acknowledge.

5Whoever slanders a neighbor in secret

I will reduce to silence.d

Haughty eyes and arrogant heartse

I cannot endure.


6I look to the faithful of the land*

to sit at my side.

Whoever follows the way of integrityf

is the one to enter my service.

7No one who practices deceit

can remain within my house.

No one who speaks falsely

can last in my presence.g

8*Morning after morning I clear all the wicked from the land,

to rid the city of the LORD of all doers of evil.

* [Psalm 101] The king, grateful at being God’s chosen (Ps 101:1), promises to be a ruler after God’s own heart (Ps 101:23), allowing into the royal service only the God-fearing (Ps 101:38).

* [101:2] Within my household: the king promises to make his own household, i.e., the royal court, a model for Israel, banning all officials who abuse their power.

* [101:6] I look to the faithful of the land: the king seeks companions only among those faithful to God.

* [101:8] Morning after morning: the morning is the normal time for the administration of justice (2 Sm 15:2; Jer 21:12) and for the arrival of divine aid (Ps 59:17; 143:8; Is 33:2). I clear all the wicked from the land: the king, as God’s servant, is responsible for seeing that divine justice is carried out.

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