1Why, LORD, do you stand afar

and pay no heed in times of trouble?

2Arrogant scoundrels pursue the poor;

they trap them by their cunning schemes.a


3The wicked even boast of their greed;

these robbers curse and scorn the LORD.b

4In their insolence the wicked boast:

“God does not care; there is no God.”c

5Yet their affairs always succeed;

they ignore your judgment on high;

they sneer at all who oppose them.

6They say in their hearts, “We will never fall;

never will we see misfortune.”

7Their mouths are full of oaths, violence, and lies;

discord and evil are under their tongues.d

8They wait in ambush near towns;

their eyes watch for the helpless

to murder the innocent in secret.e

9They lurk in ambush like lions in a thicket,

hide there to trap the poor,

snare them and close the net.f

10The helpless are crushed, laid low;

they fall into the power of the wicked,

11Who say in their hearts, “God has forgotten,

shows no concern, never bothers to look.”g


12Rise up, LORD! God, lift up your hand!

Do not forget the poor!

13Why should the wicked scorn God,

say in their hearts, “God does not care”?

14But you do see;

you take note of misery and sorrow;h

you take the matter in hand.

To you the helpless can entrust their cause;

you are the defender of orphans.i

15Break the arm of the wicked and depraved;

make them account for their crimes;

let none of them survive.


16The LORD is king forever;j

the nations have vanished from his land.

17You listen, LORD, to the needs of the poor;

you strengthen their heart and incline your ear.

18You win justice for the orphaned and oppressed;k

no one on earth will cause terror again.

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