Prayer of the King in Time of Danger

1For the leader; with stringed instruments. Of David.


2Hear my cry, O God,

listen to my prayer!

3From the ends of the earth* I call;

my heart grows faint.

Raise me up, set me on a rock,

4for you are my refuge,

a tower of strength against the foe.a

5Let me dwell in your tent forever,

take refuge in the shelter of your wings.b



6For you, O God, have heard my vows,

you have granted me the heritage of those who revere your name.

7Add days to the life of the king;

may his years be as from generation to generation;c

8dMay he reign before God forever;

send your love and fidelity* to preserve him—e

9I will duly sing to your name forever,

fulfill my vows day after day.

* [Psalm 61] A lament of the king who feels himself at the brink of death (Ps 61:3) and cries out for the strong and saving presence of God (Ps 61:3b5). The king cites the prayer being made for him (Ps 61:78), and promises to give thanks to God.

* [61:3] Ends of the earth: “earth” being taken in its occasional meaning “the underworld,” cf. Jon 2:3.

* [61:8] Send your love and fidelity: as in Ps 43:3 the psalmist asks God to send these two divine attributes like angels to protect the king.

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