Bildad’s Third Speech. 1* Then Bildad the Shuhite answered and said:

2Dominion and dread are his

who brings about harmony in his heavens.

3Is there any numbering of his troops?*

Yet on which of them does his light not rise?

4How can anyone be in the right against God,a

or how can any born of woman be innocent?

5Even the moon is not bright

and the stars are not clean in his eyes.

6How much less a human being, who is but a worm,

a mortal, who is only a maggot?b

* [25:1] At this point any structure in the dialogues disappears. Bildad’s speech is very short, and there follow two speeches attributed to Job, with significantly different introductions in 27:1 and 29:1, and with no intervening third speech of Zophar.

* [25:3] His troops: the heavenly host, or army, the stars (cf. Jgs 5:20), later understood as angels.

a. [25:4] Jb 4:17; 9:2; 35:2.

b. [25:6] Jb 4:19; 15:16.

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