1The beauty of the celestial height and the pure firmament,a

heaven itself manifests its glory.

2The sun at its rising shines at its fullest,

a wonderful instrument, the work of the Most High!

3At noon it scorches the earth,

and who can bear its fiery heat?

4Like a blazing furnace of solid metal,

the sun’s rays set the mountains aflame;

Its fiery tongue consumes the world;

the eyes are burned by its fire.

5Great indeed is the LORD who made it,

at whose orders it urges on its steeds.

6It is the moon that marks the changing seasons,

governing the times, their lasting sign.b

7By it we know the sacred seasons and pilgrimage feasts,

a light which wanes in its course:

8The new moon like its name* renews itself;

how wondrous it is when it changes:

A military signal for the waterskins on high,

it paves the firmament with its brilliance,

9The beauty of the heavens and the glory of the stars,

a shining ornament in the heights of God.c

10By the LORD’s command the moon keeps its appointed place,

and does not fade as the stars keep watch.

11Behold the rainbow! Then bless its Maker,

for majestic indeed is its splendor;d

12It spans the heavens with its glory,

the hand of God has stretched it out in power.

13His rebuke marks out the path for the hail,

and makes the flashes of his judgment shine forth.

14For his own purposes he opens the storehouse

and makes the rain clouds fly like vultures.

15His might gives the clouds their strength,

and breaks off the hailstones.

16The thunder of his voice makes the earth writhe;

by his power he shakes the mountains.

17A word from him drives on the south wind,

whirlwind, hurricane, and stormwind.

He makes the snow fly like birds;

it settles down like swarms of locusts.

18Its shining whiteness blinds the eyes,

the mind marvels at its steady fall.

19He scatters frost like salt;

it shines like blossoms on the thornbush.

20He sends cold northern blasts

that harden the ponds like solid ground,

Spreads a crust over every body of water,

and clothes each pool with a coat of armor.

21When mountain growth is scorched by heat,

and flowering plains as by fire,

22The dripping clouds restore them all,

and the scattered dew enriches the parched land.

23His is the plan that calms the deep,

and plants the islands in the sea.

24Those who go down to the sea recount its extent,

and when we hear them we are thunderstruck;e

25In it are his creatures, stupendous, amazing,

all kinds of life, and the monsters of the deep.

26For him each messenger succeeds,

and at his bidding accomplishes his will.f

27More than this we need not add;

let the last word be, he is the all!*

28Let us praise him the more, since we cannot fathom him,

for greater is he than all his works;

29Awesome indeed is the LORD,

and wonderful his power.

30Lift up your voices to glorify the LORD

as much as you can, for there is still more.

Extol him with renewed strength,

do not grow weary, for you cannot fathom him.

31For who has seen him and can describe him?

Who can praise him as he is?g

32Beyond these, many things lie hidden;

only a few of his works have I seen.

33It is the LORD who has made all things;

to those who fear him he gives wisdom.h

* [43:8] Like its name: there is a play in the Hebrew text on the words for moon and renewal. Waterskins: clouds as source of rain.

* [43:27] The all: the perfections reflected in creation are found in a transcendent way in God, who alone is their source.

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