Choice of Artisans. 1a The LORD said to Moses: 2See, I have singled out* Bezalel, son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, 3and I have filled him with a divine spirit of skill and understanding and knowledge in every craft: 4in the production of embroidery, in making things of gold, silver, or bronze, 5in cutting and mounting precious stones, in carving wood, and in every other craft. 6As his assistant I myself have appointed Oholiab, son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan. I have also endowed all the experts with the necessary skill to make all the things I have commanded you: 7b the tent of meeting, the ark of the covenant with its cover, all the furnishings of the tent, 8the table with its utensils, the pure gold menorah with all its utensils, the altar of incense, 9the altar for burnt offerings with all its utensils, the basin with its stand, 10the service cloths,* the sacred vestments for Aaron the priest, the vestments for his sons in their ministry, 11the anointing oil, and the fragrant incense for the sanctuary. According to all I have commanded you, so shall they do.

Sabbath Laws. 12c The LORD said to Moses: 13You must also tell the Israelites: Keep my sabbaths, for that is to be the sign between you and me throughout the generations, to show that it is I, the LORD, who make you holy. 14* Therefore, you must keep the sabbath for it is holiness for you. Whoever desecrates it shall be put to death. If anyone does work on that day, that person must be cut off from the people. 15Six days there are for doing work, but the seventh day is the sabbath of complete rest, holy to the LORD. Anyone who does work on the sabbath day shall be put to death. 16So shall the Israelites observe the sabbath, keeping it throughout their generations as an everlasting covenant. 17Between me and the Israelites it is to be an everlasting sign; for in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, but on the seventh day he rested at his ease.

18When the LORD had finished speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai, he gave him the two tablets of the covenant, the stone tablets inscribed by God’s own finger.d

* [31:2] Singled out: lit., “called by name”; cf. 35:30.

* [31:10] The service cloths: so the Greek. They were perhaps the colored cloths mentioned in Nm 4:415.

* [31:1415] For the distinction between work proscribed on certain festivals and weekly Sabbaths, see note on Lv 23:3.

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